The brief called for 3 alternatives for a 'type only' poster to advertise an upcoming exhibition on the history of typography.
I was inspired by a parcel delivery  to create the poster on the left. Ultimately The Sans of Time won because it was eye catching and more engaging as the aim was to essentially get people to come to the exhibition.
Carved in Stone
I found the idea of the earliest typographers who were essentially carvers ironic and intriguing given the nature of the exhibition. However the poster required historical knowledge to 'get it'  and it's stone colour really could not command attention of the eventual winner, so much as I liked the idea, it could not be the winner.
Here was a really fun idea that occurred to me which I would love to have developed, but by the time I'd come up with it, The Sans of Time had already emerged the winner and was nearly finished. Still, I think it really demonstrates the differences in typefaces and how they all have personalities. I might have to use that idea one day in the future as it made me smile.
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