Self Branding Project

So, I guess the thing we all need to ask ourselves and any client we are designing for is "what makes you uniquely you?"
It is of course the sum of your experiences, values, ideals and your reactions to those experiences that over time form you - the person you are today.
Well I figure that the reason a client would be inclined to choose me to create for them has got to do with whether or not something about me rings true for them. Because lets face it, there are a lot of great designers out there. It's got to be more than simply good work.
I have tried to really get a sense of myself through some intensive and exhausting exploration into my life, personality and my story. Then I've put that essence into a visual language which has turned out to be surprisingly accurate - I think it honestly does feel like me.

So, Hello folks, this is me, Natalie Zeller, graphic designer.

Now, what would you like to tell the world today?
Born and bred in the West indies, the water of the Caribbean Sea has always been a part of me. The way it looks and sounds and smells and feels on your skin is a major source of inspiration for me. It's my happy place. My place of peace so I've decided to use it in my self branding.

This is a theme which fascinates me, as it runs throughout so much in our universe - small fragments that seem insignificant on their own coming together to create something quite beautiful. I particularly love mosaics made from irregular or even broken fragments. There is something magical about it. You know, that whole thing about a thing being greater than the sum of its parts? Sort of where science and magic meet.
I am, and have always been the mortar that holds things together in most areas of my life; the glue that keeps things together. The enabler.
I've been that person who sees seemingly disconnected people or ideas and puts them together, allowing them to become something new together.
This happened by accident many times before I recognised it, and realised it was a recurrent theme and may have a purpose.
Now, I have learned to embrace it and turn it into a skill. When it is happening, I am reassured that I am in the flow of life. It’s just who I am.
I do think that this is also my role within design. I take fragments and bind them into something new and hopefully beautiful as well.
Now that I know that, becoming a designer is just me finally falling into the flow of life.
All the disconnected fragments of culture, language, locations, life choices and professions that have confused me for years, now make sense.
Each fragment is still clearly visible and accessible, but together with the mortar to bind them, I finally feel whole.
Once colours were chosen (and that really took some time) and the pattern was drawn I felt I needed to incorporate a certain earthiness so I've included subtle textures. I love the way they engage the senses; the way a purely visual thing can be felt even though you can't touch it.

There's that lovely water again. It makes me feel relaxed yet energised at the same time. I hope I have captured that and that it will do the same for my clients when they come across any of my branded material.

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