Logo & Branding Project - Kaprichosa Designs

CLIENT: Kaprichosa Designs.
Kaprichosa Designs is my own label under which I design and develop my own art and illustration for print-on-demand products which I offer for sale on kaprichosadesigns.com
In order to separate this from my other design work, I created an independent brand identity to reflect the nature of the brand as I envisage it and to better affect the overall experience of the customer interacting with the brand.
Kaprichosa's designs offer a modern interpretation of historic techniques, florals, and paisleys. 
Characterized by stylized ornamental motifs, layered into intricate creations, with a rich depth of colour, each pattern is a contemporary story, offering something new, inspired by something traditional.
Kaprichosa Designs is situated as Boho-Lifestyle brand, evoking and sense of harmony via its eclectic collections and nature inspired designs.
Logos and business card.
The Mood Board for Kaprichosa Designs
Branding applied to headers and banners.
Branding applied to Social Media posts.
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